World Map of Diabetes

World Map of Diabetes via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been delaying the purchase of the travel insurance for one good reason, Diabetes.

I did a quick travel insurance quote straight after Amy was diagnosed with Diabetes and was horrified at the cost, which had risen from £85 back in 2009 to nearly £300 this time.

Not being able to put it off much longer I finally decided to take the unavoidable plunge and make the purchase today. Contacting one of our current insurers I got a quote which didn’t include any loaded premium for the Diabetes, then they quoted me for the extra bit. I waited on the phone dreading to hear the next few words.

£9.70, for the whole year to cover the specific medical condition.

Bearing in mind that the first quote I got was from a company which specialises in insurance for diabetics, it’s interesting that an alternative reputable company that doesn’t “specialise” also doesn’t specialise in hiking up the premiums.

In the end I picked More Than insurance.