Followers of the Big Cats and Holy Ghats blog will probably have read the reasons behind that name (4th paragraph on its home page).

After returning it struck me that we didn’t have a whole heap of luck seeing any Big Cats of Ranthambhore and the “priest” at Pushkar’s Holy Ghats really annoyed me with his attempts at trying to part me from my money.

Was it bad luck then that neither Big Cats nor Holy Ghats became the most enjoyable parts of that trip? Could it have been that if the blog had been named ‘Elusive Cats and Scamming Priests’ that maybe we’d have seen quite a few tigers and have enjoyed Pushkar somewhat more? Obviously not but hopefully by mentioning the monsoon often enough it won’t rain so much!

It’s ‘Monsoon’ as that’s when we’re going, this July/August, slap bang in the monsoon.
It’s ‘Meandering’ as our trip will see us snake from Delhi to Mumbai using the slow(ish) overnight trains.