I love autorickshaws because they’re fun, cute and we don’t have them in England.

An autorickshaw is a doorless small yellow and green car with three wheels. It has a very small engine, maybe one out of a motorcycle.

Sitting in an autorickshaw is difficult for us all because they’re not really big enough for four people, probably only three. Fortunately for me I’m the smallest so I sit on Daddy’s lap. I’m not sure he likes it just as much as I do because after while his leg goes dead.

The roads are crazy here in Delhi because there are no rules on the road, or it’s because the drivers don’t obey them. Once a motorbike was less than 5cm away from the autorickshaw and I couldn’t believe we didn’t hit it.

Every single vehicle in Delhi has one thing in common: a VERY loud horn. Unlike in England, here in India they beep the horn to warn people that they’re going past them. In fact they beep it for absolutely everything.

The people are crazy too because they just walk straight in front of a vehicle, even if it’s moving. We saw someone just literally standing in the middle of traffic filled junction when all around him was fast moving cars, autorickshaws, motorbikes, buses, lorries and cows.

On Friday night, we walked to New Delhi Railway Station to get an autorickshaw to a restaurant called Karim’s but rather than say “Karim’s” to the driver Daddy said we wanted to go to the nearby Jama Masjid – a colossal Mosque that everyone knows about here. It turned out that actually the driver didn’t know the way, even though Daddy kept telling him the driver stopped and asked a Policemen to ask us where we wanted to go. Thankfully the Policeman knew that way and told the driver which gate to drop us by.

Here’s a short video of our ride – make sure you’ve got the sound turned up: