to our blog about 2011’s trip to India. After our trip in 2009 we couldn’t wait to get back to India, to visit another part of a country we’ve all grown to love.

Last time saw us flying into and out of Delhi and having a car/driver chauffeur us around for 10 days before we grew braver and did our own thing. The driver also took care of the hotels, making it a very easy introduction for us all. If you’re interested to read about 2009’s trip then have a look at the Big Cats and Holy Ghats blog.

This time it’s different and it’s all down to us. We’re flying in Delhi and out of Mumbai and we’ll take in a route of nearly 2700 miles, virtually all by train, including 3 overnight trips and 5 day time ones. Suitcases are banned as it’s so much easier getting on a train with a rucksack than with suitcase in each hand.

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