British Airways Plane

It's Almost Time

With the countdown clock clicking beyond the ‘1 day left’ point it was time for me to get online and check ourselves in. A simple task designed to speed up the time we need to spend at the airport tomorrow morning, meaning all that is left to do is drop off the bags and wait for the flight – and of course a little bit of shopping and eating.

When you book your tickets British Airways offer you the chance to pick your seats, for a small fee! (Interestingly Virgin Atlantic did this for free last time.)

Being the cheapskate that I am, I didn’t want to pay BA any more money just to reserve the seats, so I left it until today to get the seats booked during the online check-in. Luckily I managed to get four seats together, but it was the last block of four left. Phew!

We’re all pretty much packed, with only a few last minute things to do in the (far too) early hours of tomorrow morning.

Then it’s off to the airport to go on probably the longest, most planned and most complex holiday I’ve ever done, I can’t wait.