Colourful Truck

Colourful Truck

Vivid colourful trucks are everywhere in India.

Unlike in England, where trucks belong to a company like Tesco or Sainsbury, trucks in India are often owned by individuals. Therefore English trucks are only decorated with the company’s logo and colours, whereas Indian trucks are made unique by the owner or driver.

As you can see in the picture on the right the truck is loaded with decorations, Hindi writing and a kaleidescope of colours. You can hardly see the original colour of the truck and it looks like the driver would have difficulty seeing out of the windscreen.

Most of the decorations are not made specifically for putting on trucks they are mostly things that have been found or picked up. In the middle of the windscreen there is a star sign which has actually just been made up out of two warning triangles.

Each truck has an individual name shown in the windscreen, like the one on the right which is named ‘Dosti Express’.

‘Horn OK Please’ is often written on the rear of the trucks as the drivers like to be aware of when other vehicles are trying to overtake them.

I love the designs on Indian trucks: they’re weird and funny.

A colourful truck in India