British Airways Plane

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Checking the Prices
For the last few months I’ve been checking out the flight costs, waiting for the right time to buy. Like last time I had decided where to go – Ladakh originally of course – and knew that I would need to fly into New Delhi.

I really wanted to fly with Virgin Atlantic again as they were excellent last time but their costs never seemed to come down. Even when the sale arrived it was no better as the dates and locations we needed weren’t included.

Checking out other airlines was called for and it came down to two, Aeroflot and Finnair, everything else was too dear. Both weren’t direct, having long stopovers and to be truthful I didn’t really want to fly with Aeroflot, after reading so many horrible reviews.

Web Sites
My favourite web site for flight price checking is as I like the way it works, the way that you can find out other prices recently found for similar trips and the way you can omit certain airlines, notably Russian ones. It’s a breeze to use and its only downside is that I couldn’t see how to find out the price for multi-city trips where tickets for children were needed. (Ironically as I write this I’ve just checked and it isn’t working.)

Booking the Tickets and Saving Some Cash
Weeks passed by and luckily I didn’t end up booking anything as our change of plan meant that we no longer needed to be restricted to Delhi. British Airways decided to have a sale which included our dates and our locations and the deal was done.

In the end I managed to book British Airways on a direct flight and saved £300 over Finnair and a whopping £500 in total compared to Virgin Atlantic. The price for British Airways is now the same as Virgin now that the sale has finished, so by booking at the right time I saved myself £500.

The cheapest price came by flying into Delhi and flying out of Mumbai and I can’t understand why as it’s the same price to fly into Mumbai and out of Delhi. You’d presume that either Mumbai or Delhi is cheaper to fly to and that a return to one of them would be the cheapest fare, but no. It’s a great idea flying out of Mumbai as we get to see friends in Delhi and aren’t restricted to doing a circular trip.