Vango Freedom 80+20 Travel Pack

Vango Freedom 80+20 Travel Pack

Okay, it’s not so much of a gadget but it’s something that’s been “bought” with trips to India in mind: I say “bought” as I actually got it as a Christmas present – thanks Dad, thanks Bruv.

I’m sure there’s many of you who won’t understand why I’m so excited about my new rucksack.

We took suitcases and one 65 litre rucksack last time and I ended up carrying the lot. I didn’t really need a rucksack but after getting on the fourth train I was mighty glad I had one. That’s when I decided that for the next trip we’d have at least one rucksack for each adult. Rucksacks are alright but they’ve got soooo many pockets, each with a buckle, each incredibly difficult to lock. Then I discovered travel packs, which are essentially soft suitcases with straps.

In short, it’s an 80 litre rucksack, but it has another 20 litre daysack zipped to it, giving a whopping 100 litres of space. It can be carried on your back, over your shoulder, in your hand, all with specific straps. It’s got compression straps and more importantly the shoulder straps and waist strap can be covered up and zipped away in situ when you check in the rucksack into the hold of a plane. It open’s up like a suitcase making it easier to find stuff and it’s also easier to protect with a padlock should you need to.

I’m never fond of unboxing videos but if you’re interested here’s a video all about it: