Bad Karma: The Anti-Guide to Backpacking in India

The Bad Karma Dudes

Let just start by saying that this is flipping hilarious. I wasn’t sure at first but after a few episodes it had me in stitches of laughter.

Bad Karma is a series of circa 10 minute videos created by Monkeetime and hosted on YouTube and declares itself as the anti-guide to backpacking in India, or more importantly what not to do.

Our two intrepid explorers wing their way around India, following local customs, integrating with the locals and attempting to implement the rules travellers should follow, which of course they just get really, really wrong. But on purpose.

A good example of something they intentionally get wrong is that people should integrate by dressing the same as the locals. So off they go and purchase outfits that would be better placed in a Rajasthan palace many, many years ago. Then they wonder why people are staring.

The trailer video makes the following claims about the film so decide for yourself whether you think it’s worth watching:

The lowest budget film…
…for the lowest budget traveller
two idiots…
…one chicken…
…and heaps of bad advice.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the various parts:
Bad Karma – Part I
Bad Karma – Part II
Bad Karma – Part III
Bad Karma – Part IV
Bad Karma – Part V
Bad Karma – Part VI
Bad Karma – Part VII
Bad Karma – Part VIII
Bad Karma – Part IX
Bad Karma – Part X
Bad Karma – Part XI
Bad Karma – Part XII
Bad Karma – Part XIII
Bad Karma – Part XIV
Bad Karma – Part XV
Bad Karma – Part XVI

Thanks to IndiaMike’s member ‘Klompen’ for discovering this and sharing it.