A bottle of Mirinda

A bottle of Mirinda

Two years, when I last visited India, I discovered a drink, but it wasn’t just any drink, it was MIRINDA. Mirinda is a fizzy drink, similar to Orange Fanta or Tango, but much tastier. During that trip we travelled a lot by car and often zoomed past large adverts on the side of the road for Mirinda and I was always the first to spot it before shouting “Mirinda Mirinda” and licking my lips at the thought of drinking it.

This holiday I can’t really drink it seeing as I have diabetes, which is a real shame. Before coming here Daddy looked up on the Internet to see if there was a diet version or light version of Mirinda and apparently there is, it’s called Mirinda Light, or so they say. We’ve just not been able to find any 🙁

Mummy and Daddy have allowed me to have the odd bottle of Mirinda but only when I’ve been having a diabetic hypo, other than that I’ve had to drink water or occassionally a diet Pepsi but even that’s not available often. Pepsi is much bigger over here than Coca-Cola.

I really love drinking straight out of the glass bottle because you can’t do that back in England, as the bottles are plastic and it doesn’t feel the same, although what I really love is drinking out of a glass because then I get Mirinda lips, or in other words an orange moustache. 🙂

Amy with Mirinda Lips

Me with Mirinda Lips