Hampi Bazaar

Visiting Hampi had been one of the things I’d most been looking forward to on this trip although I’d originally only planned to spend two nights in this area. How grateful I am to a lot of my IndiaMike friends who told me I was mad; that they’d spent four days here and it wasn’t enough; that the kids would love it here; that it’s very chilled and laid back here. After all the advice I decided to spend 5 nights in the area, with the first and last being in Hospet, 15km or so away from Hampi, where the train goes to.

Arriving in Hospet at 7am we headed to our hotel, the Malligi, and had some breakfast then a rest. After lunch we headed off to Hampi, eager to see what laid in store for us.

It was Independence Day, the day that the English got kicked out of India back in 1947. I thought it might be best to keep a low profile, to say I’m French or something, but everyone was very friendly.

As the rickshaw sped towards Hampi the landscape appeared very different, going past sugar cane fields and coconut trees and banana trees. The landscape changed to a one full of boulders and fFinally Hampi and it’s hundreds of ruins and temples appeared.

This won’t be the most interesting video I’ve done but if you’ve been to Hampi before it might just take you back a little: