Bhagwat from Mansi Tours and Travels

Bhagwat, our driver in Aurangabad

Although we’re doing this trip by ourselves, as opposed to using a travel company, we decided that we had the need to get a driver whilst in Aurangabad. I got the number of a driver, Bhagwat, from my friends Madhu and Savita ( who had used his services during their time in and around Aurangabad.

Initially, it didn’t seem that we’d be able to hire Bhagwat at all as I sent an SMS but he never responded. Later though he called me and answering the call on my netbook he and I just couldn’t understand each other. Finally I got across “Ajanta, 8am, Bagga Hotel, Jalna Road”.

So at 8am he arrived and his English was good enough to get along with, certainly better than my non-existant Hindi, we had a chat, did a deal and we were off on our way to Ajanta. I doubt he’s the cheapest guy in town but he’s trustworthy and more importantly a safe driver.

He took us to places we’d never have found easily by ourselves, to places where we got cracking deals on stuff we bought and he made us aware of certain issues we may face. He was always careful to make sure we knew exactly where to go and where to meet afterwards.

After a few chat with Bhagwat it seems he has an All India Permit to drive his tourist car anywhere in India and has previously travelled as far north as Amritsar and as far south as Kerala – that’s pretty much most of India. He’s previously done a one month tour covering 4000 miles, the equivalent of driving from London to Delhi.

I’ve no hesitation to recommend Bhagwat to anyone else as our times with him were trouble free.

Contact detail for Bhagwat of Mansi Travels:
Bhagwat Salve has three mobile numbers
– 09325048991
– 09421261313
– 09421267778
(You’ll need to work out how to dial India from your own country.)

His brother (I think, maybe it’s a cousin) can be called on 09764799720 if you can’t get hold of Bhagwat.