Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo

Vindaloo orginates from Goa and so there’s was no way I was going to miss trying it whilst here. When last in Goa I bottled it, opting for the lesser spicy dishes as I’d not even had Vindaloo in England, but now I can handle hotter dishes.

I’d almost ordered it at the Leda restaurant on Saturday night but they only did Chicken Vindaloo and I’d read – somewhere I’m sure – that Pork Vindaloo is the authentic one. It seemed a little odd eating Pork in India and I can’t recall ever having a Pork curry anywhere before.

After checking out a few restaurants yesterday afternoon I opted to go to the restaurant named Kentuckee, a place so close to the beach that it’s almost a beach shack, but it’s not, it’s a fixed building trying to look like a beach shack. It’s certainly the most popular place here though so the food is obviously good, they’ve got live music and they’ve got some cracking prawn and fish dishes on the menu. Feeling extravagant I ordered a plate of Calamari for a starter for Jane and I; it was expensive at Rs140, that’s £2!

When the mains turned up I was excited to try the Vindaloo but I’ll admit to being a little nervous as I popped the first bits into my mouth, how hot would it be? There was certainly some spice there but nothing like its English prepare-for-your-throat-to-be-ripped-out-by-hot-chilli-powder cousin. The more I ate the spicier it became but it was more of a tingling sensation that stayed with me for quite a while after I’d finished. The pork was well cooked, the sauce/gravy tasty, I may have to order this again.